Thursday, October 25, 2007

My favorite case you are looking.

I'm obsessed with podcasts. I don't know why! I'm always looking for new ideas if you find something let me know.

My top can't wait for them to come on the computer:
From KPCC - Off Ramp- great local show about strange things in LA.
Also on KPCC - Film week. good reviewers.

Tim Goodman's TV talk machine from the SF Chronicle. (Last two weeks he has on Ricky Gervais and David Duchovny. But mostly he talks TV stuff and acts goofy. It actually gets tiring. When they actually talk about TV it's better.)
The Business - show biz features and news with slight sarcasm.
The Treatment - Elvis Michel interviews directors.
KCRW's today's top tunes - new songs every day. great stuff.
Indie Feed - has new music too. They have different genres. Rock, hip hop, and electronica.

CNN Headline news, MSNBC and NPR news updated every hour.
FOX has one too, but it sucks. It's 5 minutes long. In the middle of it they have a soft news item. who cares. i have 5 minutes. I don't want to hear the same Tony Danza interview every hour.
Cynopsis - daily TV news and ratings. The host can hardly read. It makes it more fun to get your news from a someone who can't pronounce "Colbert" or "Sixth Sense." It's like she's reading my typing.
Marc Berman's Programming Insider. - TV ratings with a strong New York accent always makes it sound official.

NPR shuffle: best of all the newscasts
The cool as hell Theater podcast - host interviewing real SF performers. I take sick pleasure in it.

opcast - ny times has an interesting podcast interviewing people who resently wrote an op ed piece.

I know people like Men with Feelings and "Keith and the Girl."


Terry said...

Madame Yenta,
I enjoy your blog a great deal.
You have great opinions and often get quality laughs out of me.
I've been digging alot lately and think you would too.
Anyways, keep up the good work!


Susie said...

Thanks for this. Always looking for new podcasts. Oh and that Patrice spam is smelling up the joint.