Monday, April 01, 2013

Dying Man's only regret is he didn’t work hard enough

Merv Flipburn, movie producer died last Thursday.  He worked behind the scenes and pitched movies for such actors as the wrestler turned actor.
“The one thing in life I regret not doing,” said the producer from his death bed and make shift HOSPICE in  Beverly Hills Adjencent. “ I made him an inspirational sports coach, a mean bachelor who becomes a softy when he has to bring up the daughter he never knew he had, a video game turned hopeful but DOA franchise, indie film actor, a tooth fairy who learns to less of an abusive boyfriend/step father.

But there was  always more I could do. He could’ve done a a rehab movie. "He had a 28 Days in him. I will always regret it. but there never seems to be enough time. Such is life. It will always regret not getting him a romcom."

Those were his last words. 

Mr. Flipburn is survived by his annoyed wife and three disappointed children.

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