Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Show that honors TV shows, will take time out to honor TV shows

There was a big controversy over the TV Academy wanting to "time shift" certain awards to make time for big tributes. Honors to writers and other not-as-glamorous winners would be handed out before the broadcast and then shown an hour later, but cutting out the long walk from the cheap seats to the podium.

This brought upon an outrage. "How could they cut down something for a TV show just because no one wants to see it on a TV show?"

Part of the reason for the downsizing was to make room for more tributes. The last time they did a tribute it helped the ratings. So this year the top rated cop and reality shows are getting an act. No format have been released, but a safe bet is that they'll show clip of CSI and American Idol and then have the cast walk out to thunderous applause.
In the 70's there would be a row of red hair dancers dramatically pulling off their sunglasses to a disco Who song.

Now the show will have both full awards and tributes. It seems absorb that a show that honors TV will take a break to honor TV. If you really want to honor CSI then nominate it for best drama. Nominate some of the actors and writers. It's crazy to see an awards show say they love something, but not give it awards.

It's like the LA Riots (go with me on this one). The police were let off but clearly justice was not done. The police could not be re-tried or re-arrested. So a civil lawsuit was filed. Rodney King got justice. This system has been used many times since. The families of the killing that the law found was not done by OJ, was still his responsibility.

Since you can't tell the academy members not stop voting for anything by Tommy Schlamme or on cable an alternative had to be created. Hence the tributes. "Here are shows that everyone loves but us! Enjoy."

The Wire was continually snubbed by the Academy. Should they get a dance number years later? Is having McNulty and Bunk sing "Swinging on a Star" justice?

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