Sunday, September 06, 2009

Steve Mazan makes it!

Comedian Steve Mazan's dream was to perform on Letterman. He was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer. Finally on FRiday he did the show.
How did he get on? He fucking performed and worked his ass off. He didn't send post cards or guilted the bookers or held a sign outside the studio or any of those stunts. He busted his ass.

At the end of the article about the performance, Yahoo posed a discussion question to the readers.
"Talk About It: Did Steve Mazan's "Late Show" performance make you laugh?"

Well, surely you think no one would ever say anything bad about his performance... They did! but mostly people used this forum for their own agenda. Saying that Letterman is a liberal and all that. Who cares? A guy just achieved his dying goal!

It would've been funny if he went up and talked about airplane food and how Gilligan should've made a boat out of coconuts to get of the island and other hacky premises.
Here's his set. Watch it yourself and then keep it to yourself.
(I love that at the top of the segment, Letterman does about a minute and half of business. Although it was funny stuff, back stage is a guy who is literally dying. He is moments away from his life's work - and Letterman is f'ing around.)

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