Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Bad movie night: "Blind Dating"

Normally I wouldn't put this type of movie in the good bad movie night, but the movie is full of flaws. The film is just not good. Not much else to say about it. Except...

First off Chris Pine, only 3 years away from becoming Captain Kirk, stars as a blind guy who is looking for love. Get it? He choses to play blind by looking down all the time.

We get to watch him go on wacky dates that will never work, because it's wacky. These chicks are crazy!

Ok, let's cut to the chase. He's supposed to be from an Italian family. But none of the actors in the family are Italian. Instead they play Italian stereotypes. It's like you're watching an improv troupe and someone yelled "ITALIAN FAMILY FROM NEW JERSEY!" And then the actors on stage are forced to play along.

How do we know this guy who is playing his dad is Italian? He listens to opera and drinks red wine. And his wife? Well for the flashback scenes when they Pine was a kid, she speaks Italian, now that he's 22, she can speak perfect English and lost her accent.

The biggest offender is Eddie Kay Thomas, the guy who banged Stiffler's mom. He's the biggest I-talian stereo type. The greasy hair, gold chain, leather jacket... The character runs "Lorenzo's Limos." His name is Lorenzo, but people call him "Larry for short. Is that right?

The movie is shot in Utah, which means there's one black guy in the whole film. He of course plays the best friend... also he plays basketball and is a hustler. So all the races get attacked some.

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Dating said...

But none of the actors in the family are Italian.