Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Leno Show Gets Format

Finally, the answer to the biggest question in TV broadcasting: "What's the format for the new Jay Leno show?"

NBC will be using their infamous show "Pink Lady and Jeff" as the new format.

"Pink Lady and Jay" will launch on September 14th.
"Now that Leno left, on his own, with no prompting, just left the Tonight Show," said one exec who asked to left unnamed and slightly miss quoted, "We needed to give him something new. So we did what we've been doing for the past three years, given him something old."

Yes, NBC has decided to re-use an old format. "NBC was once known for it's variety shows," continued the sweaty exec, "And then our dramas and then our sitcoms and after successfully killing that golden goose, we are ready for a come back. At a modest price."

"We've recently remade shows like Bionic Woman, American Gladiator, Knight Rider and others with mixed results," continued the chatty exec, "By mixed I mean some died right away, others took a second."

Leno has been quoted, "Aw shit. Really? Ok. Yes. Fine. Ok."

"Pink Lady and Jeff" is owned by Ben Silverman who said he had no idea he owned that property when he green lit it.

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