Friday, February 05, 2010

Jon Stewart goes after latest media victim: The Daily Show

This week, Jon attacked his own show for being petty and repetitive. "Making a face and going 'Wha?' is not political discourse," the host said about his own show and then showed a clip of himself doing just that over and over again.

"We just ran out of people to put down," admitted the show's producer. After Bush left office, the host had no one to attack. The administration was one that he supported. He was a political comment show with no one to comment on.

So he went after FOX News. Then Jim Cramer was fell victim to Stewart's scorn. It got so bad that in a wimpy move Cramer went on The Daily Show and admitted to being a dummy.

Once Cramer apologized for not being as cool as Stewart, the TDS team needed another whipping boy.

The show went on a rampage and attached fellow TV personalities and shows from cable and network.
Then, last week the TV well ran dry and Stewart attacked the young children of the internet - bloggers!
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Now they have nothing left to put down. So like a hungry snake - Stewart went after himself.

This all started when he went on another cable news show, called them hacks and asked them to stop producing the show. CNN canceled the show right away and jobs were lost.

The staff of The Daily Show understands the irony of their show getting canceled because of attacks from their show. "Yes we understand the irony," the show's producer said, "It's irony. That's what we do."

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