Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jim Belushi Breaks Deal with Devil

It was just announced that actor/comedian Jim Belushi will be starring in an upcoming CBS drama called "The Defenders."

"This is in direct violation of our contract," the devil told us while holding up a scroll with writing and a signature in blood that indeed looks like the actor's, "He was to have a very long running sitcom that would make it richer than anyone and then never appear on TV again. We had a deal."

Indeed the contract stated that he was to only make appearances at his "House of Blues" chain and corporate gigs.

"Maybe I'd be cool with an appearance on a high end cable drama playing against type or a walk on playing himself in some ironic sitcom," Satan said from his home in you-know-where, "But headlining his own series? That's unacceptable."

Right now the devil has no course of action. "I was going to reverse time and never put "According to Jim" on the air. But I realized it would bring a lot of people joy."

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