Sunday, February 07, 2010

30 Rock gag goes amuck

What was supposed to be a gag for an up coming episode of "30 Rock" has turned into an accidental movie release. Following past plot lines that Jenna was to star in such junk as "Rural Juror," Tracy Morgan's character was to follow up his fictional blockbuster "Honky Grandma be Trippin'," and "Who Dat Ninja" with "Cop Out." The idea was that Tracy Jordan was going to star in a by the numbers buddy cop film. "I thought people knew we were making fun of bad 80's cop buddy films when we 'cast' Bruce Willis," one writer told us in private for a free coffee and scone. "When I suggested that we put Kevin Smith as the director, we all thought everyone would get the joke."

But America fell for the irony and thought the movie posters and the trailers that told absolutely no story and made no sense were real. The studio is rushing to have something for theaters to show on the faux/now real release date.

The "30 Rock" writers promise to be more careful next time.

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