Monday, February 15, 2010

$66,855,000 worth of people had no plans for Valentine's Day

The movie "Valentine's Day" made $66,855,000 proving that tons of people did not know what to do for the romantic holiday. No since "Titanic" has a movie gotten men who were out of ideas out of the dog house.

"It was a life saver," admitted Mark Richards, "I had no idea what do this weekend. Then I open the paper and there's a two page ad with the words "Valentine's Day" on it and times we could go. I called the babysitter and the good Olive Garden and it was became the most romantic night ever."

When asked if he was worried the movie would not be good he responded, "Ashton Kutcher was in the ad, just staring at me. He wouldn't let me down."

With no description of the movie, just faces of his favorite stars and a heart around it he had to take Ashton's word for it.

"To be honest," said Mark's wife, "I was bored during the movie. So i came up with a game. I tried to pick which celebrity on screen I would rather be with tonight. More importantly, who I would be with today if I didin't waste my youth with Mark."

"This movie really saved my marriage," Mr. Richards continued, "At least for a few months. Now if they can just come up with a film called 'Doreen's 40th' or '15th wedding Anniversary' we'd last at least until the kids got to college."

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