Saturday, February 13, 2010

Workers forced to lose sleep over TV

We can't stay up that late! Isn't that why they moved him earlier in the first place?

Indeed NBC did claim the Leno move was to capture those fans that grew so old over the past 17 years that they can't stay awake long enough to get through the local news. So Leno went to 10 PM. good, God Fearing, hard working people went to bed at a decent hour like a responsible person after watching Leno for 7 months. Then it all hit the fan.

NBC moved Leno back to 11:30. People were lost. "I got to work in the morning. How am I going to catch up on 'Headlines' and then be awake enough the next day to work the forklift," an angry email from Ledfute415 read, "Of course right now I'm not working, but if I did I would be tired."

A midnight vigil was scheduled at NBC studios, but it as you probably guested, everyone was asleep.

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