Friday, February 12, 2010

"Undercover Boss" accidently gets laid off

A CEO was accidentally downsized at his own company.  On an upcoming episode of "Undercover Boss" - a show about CEO's pretending to be regular workers to know how the little people lived - Founder of Eipcore, Donald Fisman was mistakenly lumped into a large group of people who were downsized.

"I wanted to know how the other half lived," said the now out of work millionaire, "I found out real quick. I started this company 25 years ago and made it what it is today. And now I'm fired. No severance package or anything. It's my company!"

What's next for the former chief who couldn't get one day as an Indian?
"Maybe start another company in my garage," he said "Or try out for Survivor."

CBS is very embarrassed. One executive told us, "This is the biggest mistake we've made since we gave Jay Mohr a sitcom."

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