Thursday, February 18, 2010

Comedy Podcasts I listen to and like!

Comedy Podcasts:
WTF with Marc Maron- Maron is about to take his narcissism to another level. Luckily it's very entertaining. First he'll talk about himself, then he'll bring out a well known comedian and they talk about him. He caps the show with an interview with his dad or someone else and they...wait for about him.
It's very funny.

The Paul Goebel Show Paul and his friends are supposed to talk about TV, but it rarely happens. Instead we get funny conversation about dating after divorce, open marriage, working at Trader Joe's, performing at open mic nights and other random topics. Also ends in a fun game. Lots of fun to listen to. Grows on you.

WFMU Seven Second Delay w/ ken and Andy My favorite show. Andy is the station manager of WFMU and Andy is a former SNL writer and creator of the TV show "Monk." This is the most innovative show on the air. Each week they come up with ways to play on the radio. One night they drove a cab around New York and recorded it live, a variety show only using acts they got off Craig's List. Once they did the whole show without a clock and competed with each other to see who would guest when the hour ended. Ken cheated. They once had Sometimes the bits fail, but that's half the fun. Stick with it. It's great.

Comedy & Everything Else - Each Monday Jimmy Dore and Stefane Zamorano get together to talk about comedy, and everything else on their minds. Since Todd Glass left the show has become more political. Still fun to listen to and entertaining guests.

Another great show is the nonsense of "Things We Did Before Reality" by Will Franken. He's created a bizarre and hilarious world. Franken rarely comes out with a new show, but you can go back and hear a lot of funny timeless and strange shows.

I Love MoviesDoug Benson brings on his comedy friends to talk about movies and play his entertaining movie games.

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