Thursday, February 11, 2010

John Mayer's camp responds

John Mayer recently got into some hot water when he said racists things to an interviewer for Playboy during an interview and then it was published in that magazine.

"First of all," started the new PR rep, "It was for Playboy and we never thought anyone would read it. Honestly, have you even seen a Playboy magazine? this is the first time Playboy has been relevant since they found naked pictures of Madonna. Quite frankly, I'm more shocked that people care what it's in Playboy than what Mayer allegedly said in the first place."

In the interview Mayer said he had a "Ghetto Pass" and then called it an n-word pass - but used the offensive term.

The publicist had a defense for this too. "Those are two totally different passes. One can get you into any kind of ghetto without any trouble and the other can get you slapped just asking for it by name."

Earlier today his ghetto pass was taken away and then was told to keep comedy for the comedians.

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