Sunday, January 31, 2010

Venture Brothers

For the new season of Venture Brothers - the show takes a page out of the "Scrubs" playbook ---

Venture Brothers has changed formats and networks. Now the show that's a take off on "Johnny Quest" type cartoons from the past has changed names and format. Instead of being a low-key adult cartoon that subtly lampoons kid's adventures shows it's a low-key adult cartoon that subtly lampoons the spy genre. This change happened when the show moved from Adult Swim to FX. They also kept the cool opening credits.

For the ninth season of "Scrubs" the creators changes the show up to keep it fresh and accommodate the changing cast members. No longer did the show take place in a hospital, but now it's a medical school that for some reason is attached to a hospital. (I won't even get my hair cut a barber college let alone have my appendix taken out by a second year freshman.)
Bill Lawrence, "Scrubs" creator wanted to change the name of the show not to confuse the two formats. "Srubs: 2.0" as he called it in the press. But the network that airs and owns the show wanted to hedge their bets and and keep the name just in case the show failed and they can fold episodes into the "Scrubs" syndication.

Unlike the medical sitcom and future inspiration for "Grey's Anatomy," "Venture Brothers" changed it's name to "Archer."