Friday, May 02, 2008

Yes, I saw the midnight showing of Iron Man!

The place was packed and it being LA The director Jon Favreau came out before the showing and interrupted the Arclight usher. He understood that most of us bought our tickets early and felt bad that they just added earlier showings so he gave us a treat. He brought out...Robert Downey Jr. The star of Chaplin and other action films was funny and brief. He said he remember a time when you could smoke a "spliff" in famed Cinerama Dome. Then Fav told us to wait until the end of the credits.

I liked the movie a lot. I know some people were disappointed. Not me. It's not a perfect film by any stretch. But fun.

Bad guys (they made sure to point out that they were a group of guys from different countries. Not one nationality that is bad - just everyone that's not us. The bad guys want to get their hands on Downey's very powerful "Jericho missile." Why did they call it Jericho? Because it bombs twice.

Oh, john was right about waiting after the credits.

This is not me:

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