Friday, May 02, 2008

Movie guide!

If you like to watch black guys play "the best friend" role and not have any of the real action, you have two choices!
Iron Man and Made of Honor!
There's Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. has funny lines, sleeps with Leslie Bibb, get kidnapped and flies around in a cool suit that he made. Terrence is the high ranking military official who gives advice to the hero and helps out when he can. Apparently he did more in the movie, but hey cut it down to a buddy role. I know he's supposed to do more teh next movie. I'm talking about this one!

Made of Honor. About a white guy who now wants his best female friend now that she found someone she loves. He does whatever he can to stop the wedding and prove to her that he's made of honor despite ruining her wedding. Oh, his black friend helps him. If you watch the trailer, don't blink.

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