Monday, May 05, 2008

The Gong show is back. One more try!

For the third time in 7 years they are trying to bring back the Gong Show. They've already did pilots with Tom Arnold and more recently with Jeff Ross. Now it's Dave Attell's turn to host a doomed pilot.

It seems like such a good idea. Everyone says they want to see or air that show. But it hasn't worked. Why not? Ross seemed like a perfect host for the show, likable and ready to insult you in the nicest way. Attell also seems like a good idea.

for some reason the show has not caught on or even gotten out of the gate. I hope it does. It was a fun show. Maybe it's just a moment in time.

America's Got Talent figured out how to make it work. they ripped that and Idol off and combined it. It's the seriousness of that show that makes it work in this day and age of finding-the-next-top-whatever. (Please not: tomorrow I'm pitching "America's Next Top Podiatrist." The auditions will be wonderful. Don't steal it!)

They brought back in the 80's for minute and then around 2000 The Game Show Network did. "Extreme Gong" a low budget interactive show.

Here's how to audition for the pilot. And don't worry, if you don't make this pilot, just wait for the next one.
The series will begin taping soon, so get your unusual, crazy, stupid human and pet tricks ready and send a link of your video-taped act to or contact Hedda Muskat, Casting Producer at 310-413-2861 to schedule a live audition in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or New York City.


So Cal Officiant said...

In 1977 when I was 16 I made me TV debut on the Gong Show doing my famous burping act.

I won the worst act of the week award and won $516.32 and a dirty sock.

Now 30 years later I would love to reprise my act on the new Gong Show.

Bailz said...

In the late 80's on "The NEW Gong Show" (hosted by Don Bleu), my friend had the infamous distinction of being Gonged by none other than guest judge "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. One of the "innovations" of that particular edition was the "Wanna Gong It- Gotta Get It" routine, in which, for certain acts, the judges had to run across the stage and dig through a bunch of fake gong mallets (or whatever you call the thing you hit the gong with), until they found the real one in order to gong the contestant. This led to some frantic scrambles and actually was somewhat entertaining. Don't you wish you could Gong "Idol"?