Monday, May 12, 2008

Seinfeld dodges "Sureal Life" for one more day.

Finally someone is giving Jerry Seinfeld co-star of a sitcom another shot. He has not worked regularly since his show was yanked off the air almost ten years ago.

A new Jerry Seinfeld series is in the works at NBC, says Page Six. The comedian, 53, is in talks with his former network about a show that’s being pitched as “just like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but with Jerry, instead of Larry.” Once again, Seinfeld will play himself in New York in “an exaggerated reality,” writes the Page Six staff.

This sounds great. Jerry talks to his staff of nannies. He says hello to his body guard. Asks his chefs what they are making for dinner. His private jet takes off when he gets there. Just like you and me. It's the modern day Roseanne.

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