Monday, May 12, 2008

Save Fraiser!

In order to save his show, Grammer has gone to the people and asked for their help. Hey Jericho freaks, you got any peanuts left?

A real email going around...

----- Original Message -----

From: KG

To: Undisclosed Recipients

Subject: BACK TO YOU


How are you? Can you please go on this site and sign a petition to save Back to You? Fox cancelled it on Friday and if you feel like helping us out, we would appreciate it. We were really surprised by their decision and think the show is worth fighting for.

If you agree, there is a petition that can be signed at: If you join the Back to You message board at, you can sign in and say something nice about the show. These boards can be a lot of fun. Go to "Back to You" then press "message boards." There will be related links there with others who want to save the show.

We are also hoping that CBS will have some interest, so if you wish to e-mail them and campaign on our behalf, you won't hear us complaining. Even if nothing happens it would be nice for everyone that worked on this show to know that there were many who liked it. We would love your support.


Camille and Kelsey

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