Thursday, May 15, 2008

Same sex marriage ban lifted, noncommittal gays shake in boots

"I can't use the law as a reason not to commit," says blogger ORange35981, "I like the way things were. Now I have to find another excuse or move to Seattle."

Homosexuals in the past would have a civil union, but not be unified or recognized by the government. You could call someone your "wife" or "husband" without being legally bond to it.

There was some restraint. Some gay men would wait up to 3 years of dating someone before referring to him or him as his husband. Lesbians would wait even as long as dessert on the first date before committing to a life together.

"I knew this woman was to be my wife right away," says Notorange12, "From the moment she answered my ad, I knew she was the one. I got her email and immediately hired a moving truck.

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