Thursday, May 29, 2008

The CW lives by the code!

I like how they say, "Every story is intriguing." Like, "Unlike half the crap from the last one."

Is it good that they added a regular black cast mate.

--You mean a black family moved in the zip code?

nope that would violate TV's "No more than two black people in a show" clause (usually one man and one woman). This guy is adopted "Diff'rent Strokes" style. The white dad saved this black guy from a mysterious and bad life. Really? It would've killed you to hire a mom and dad and possible a sibling? Maybe two regular cast members?

The "Webster" style character is played by the kid who killed Snoop on "The Wire." Maybe he's running away from Slim Charles.

Yes, I know the Jewish family adopted a white guy off the street on "The OC."

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