Sunday, May 04, 2008

"Can We Get More Bush?"

Allure did a photo spread where they got five random actresses and talked them into posing naked (and covering up the good parts). Four of the women are on ABC shows (Gabriel Union just finished an arc on Ugly Betty.)

The fifth is the great singer Jill Scott.

Allure is supposed to be "celebrating" all types of women...but they covered up the non super skinny one. The beautiful Jill Scott is almost totally behind a tree. (It's a bush, I get it, don't argue with those types of things. You know I'm right.)

You are forcing me to see as much as Skinny Minnie as you can fit on two pages and then hide the thick goodness of Jill Scott! Why invite a woman to celebrate her body if you are going to just hide it?

Allure, are you saying you can be heavy, just don't show anyone?

Let me get back to my Snack Wells and Diet Shiraz (from skinny grapes).

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babypusher said...

Holy crap! That is the most ridiculous thing ever. It looks like they just grabed a plastic forsythia from the lobby and threw it in front of her.