Monday, May 12, 2008

ABC picks up Boston Legal and some other show

I'm a fan of Boston Legal even though they took off the guy from "Benson," but they replaced him with the guy from "Night Court." They also added the blandest character in TV history. This British woman who does nothing but protect the very funny, but over used crazy guy character with her soft voice. There's no character there.

Maybe this year they will use the black characters for more than just a cameo in the opening credits. Oh, can we stop putting black men in drag? Enough. It's tired. Oh, and does the show's only black woman have to be sassy?

Still I'm a fan.

ABC also picked up Eli Stone. Not for a full season, just 13 episodes. Just long enough for people to continue not watching it.
The cast of Boston Legal from Left to Right...Top Row Night Court guy, the Shats, Sex, Lies and Video Tape guy, Murphy Brown. Next row, Hot Chick with stupid back story, very boring British character, Funny over used guy, black chacter in men's clothing. (not pictured - black female character.)

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