Wednesday, January 07, 2004

To stay on top of the game we are featuring postings from a fashion website. We know people in LA are talking about Von Dutch and putting their letters on the hand bags and hats. But do you know about the fashion sweeping the nation?

From Fatrosexual:

There are many styles to the latest man about town.
There's teh Kevin Smith look. Even after he amassed millions for movies that didn't maek any money he still dressed like a 20 somethign still living at home with his parents in New Jersey.

He's confortable in his LONG SHORTS look. The boys of th eOC have a simular look, but Smith has got the East Coast Represented.

It's the kinda messy hair, big Glasses, full but trimmed beard, sweatshirt and t-shirt under itand long shorts that end just above the ankle. The Fatrosexual always feels more confortable in a long short. I don't know why. It might be the waistband.

Smith with his hot wife.

Topped off with a running shoe.

The OC men take that look and give it a little rock and Roll. the beard is only at the chin and it's long. Plus the hooka shells or string around their necks. Then an ironic bowling shirt.

They both share the common trait of the opened oxford shirt over the first shirt as almost a jacket for all times.

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