Monday, January 26, 2004

Golden Globe winners:

Best Picture - Drama: LOTR: Return of the King (New Line)
Best Picture - Comedy: Lost in Translation (Focus)
Yes, it was a comedy
Best Director/Film: Peter Jackson, LOTR: Return of the King
Next he's doing King Kong. YIKES!
Actress in a Film - Drama: Charlize Theron-Monster
Has to win the Oscar
Actor in a Film - Drama: Sean Penn - Mystic River
Actress in a Film - Comedy: Diane Keaton - Something's Gotta Give
creepy glove lady
Actor in a Film - Comedy: Bill Murray - Lost in Translation
Deserved it. no one can play Bill Muray like Bill Muray

Best Drama Series: 24 (Fox)
Really? Is that Still on?
Best Actor in a TV Series - Drama: Anthony Lapaglia - Without a Trace (CBS)
Best Actress in a TV Series - Drama: Frances Conroy - Six Feet Under (HBO)
Best Comedy Series: The Office (BBC America)
Best Actor in a TV Series - Comedy:: Ricky Gervais-The Office (BBC America)
Best Actress in a TV Series - Comedy: Sarah Jessica Parker - S*x and the City (HBO)
She won, but why the long face?
Best TV Film or Miniseries: Angels in America (HBO)
Great movie. Everyone won in that movie. Now to use the awards to sell DVDs.

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