Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The People's Choice Awards?
Sunday CBS aired the 30th annual People's Choice Awards. It was more like a two hour ad for CBS' Fall Line up.

The PCA covers both movies and TV. The hosts of last night's show were two stars of CBS' hit Monday night comedy, "Two and a Half Men; until the cute kid reaches puberty then we have to introduce an orphan or something, but we'll be in Syndication when that happens so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it."

I never remember Charlie Sheen or Ducky being host like, but ok. Sheen started with a joke referencing (is that a word?) the movie Platoon he made with Oliver Stone. The audience was silent. Who would get a Platoon reference? That was 15 years ago. Today, when people talk about Old Sheen, they mean Spin City.

Then all these CBS people started winning. Then they tell you how you can vote online. This is already the people's choice, why go on line? Anyway in order to vote, you guessed it, you have to go to

When they announced the internet winner of the best drama was about to be announced; my spy in the audience told me that he heard the entire balcony yell, "the OC." But the popular FOX drama lost. You got it, CBS' "Joan of Arcadia" won. Hmmmm?

The ratings for CBS the Monday after the back slapping fest:


CBS 12.1/17
NBC 8.7/13
ABC 5.6/ 8
WB 4.6/ 7
Fox 4.2/ 6
UPN 3.1/ 4

Two and a Half Men (#1: 12.1/17)
Considering Two and a Half Men managed to hold 84 percent of its Raymond
lead-in, Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer’s abysmal hosting chores on The
People’s Choice Awards this past Sunday were not held against them.

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