Tuesday, January 06, 2004

ABC has chosen a slot for their new hit show. EXTREME MAKEOVERS: HOME EDITION, which is a big budget remake of the many cable home repair shows, has found a date and time.

Sunday at 8 PM. What a load of shit. The show premiered on Wednesday at 10 PM against the unstoppable Law & Order: Law and Order. The home improvement show did much better than the "Karen Sisco" crap that was in the space. It was in fact, one of the only shows that ABC and CBS had against the Law & Order.

So why not leave it as counter programming against the sop show? The home show cost less and it narrows the gap between the shows' ratings. I don;t get it.

Why bail out on their Sunday at 8 PM cop show 10-8? The ratings are so bad and there's potential to grow.

the most important question: Why don't they want my Disney stock to grow?

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