Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Backstreet Boy Nabs Alleged Jewel Thief

A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys is not letting any bad guys get past him.

The Las Vegas Sun reports McLean was looking at jewelry at Rocks, a 24-hour jewelry store in Las Vegas while another man came in to try on rings and asked his friend what he thought of one of them.

Suddenly, the man made a dash for the door. According to McLean's friend, Vegas club personality Marklen Kennedy, the clerk at the counter screamed that she could not leave the store, so the singer took off after the man.

McLean caught up to the alleged thief in the parking lot, where he and a security guard on a bike nabbed him.

McLean was in town to make an appearance at this week's Adult Entertainment Expo. A spokesman for McLean did not return calls for comment.

Ok, he's a hero, but what was he doing at the Adult Entertainment Expo?
What is a "Las Vegas club personality?" Is he a singer? A comic? Or does he just walk around and say hi to people?
Does anyone notice that I just reported on a story that NBC5 reported on that the Las Vegas Reveiw Journal reported on?

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