Sunday, January 11, 2004

The Golden Globes. It's a fraud. It's much ado about nothing.

Who votes for Golden Globes?
Well if you trust what you hear from the winners during their speeches: To win an Oscar is great because you judged by your peers. To win a People's Choice is great because it chosen by the fans, like you (have you ever voted?).

So who votes for the Golden Globes?
The "prestigious" foreign press. And that's what makes it great. Huh? The foreign press? Who is that? Well that's the journalists who were kicked out of their country and sent here to cover how fat we are and how much we suck.

A bunch of exiles that couldn't make it in their home town, are just as important as the "people" and the "peers?" They aren't necessarily critics, but journalists.

It's an exposure game. The awards were just a dinner that some would come to. Then TNT needed an awards show and grabbed the Globes. The cable hype machine built it up and eventually NBC bought it. Now it's prime time exposure for you film or TV show.

The Globes became the predictor for the Oscars. People would watch the Globes to see who the front runners for the Oscars would be.

But the announcements for the globes are much earlier than the announced noms for the Oscars. Film companies jump on the good press to sell their product. Now films up and down the calendar section say "Golden Globe Nominee," like it means something. In a town of spin, it can have meaning.

The Oscars moved from March to February, forcing people to move up, because no one wants to follow the Oscars. The Oscars moved to February giving ABC a great sweeps boost and the film companies about three extra weeks to boast the wins.

The Globes are on a Sunday and the announcements for the Oscars are two says later. Will anyone care?

PS> This actor guy moved from NY to LA. His mom is friends with my dad. I offered him dinner and he said he wanted to stay home and see the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Since he's in the guild, he felt the need to see how people voted. Hey, if you didn't want to have dinner, just say so.

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