Friday, January 02, 2004

The Exec's at TV show "Friends" give crew free Mini Coopers.

It is traditional for TV shows to gifts to the crew and staff for Christmas. What started as a mug with the show's logo gesture, has become big business. From jackets to computers, the free gifts, or swag, have become more elaborate.

One crew guy on the Warner Bros. lot reported that the crew of "Friends" all got Mini Coopers. This crew member went on to say that he did pretty well himself. He recieved an iMac from the producers of "Everyone Loves Raymond."

ER raised the bar by sending everyone on a big vacation. After they milked NBC for millions, they gave lavish gifts to their staff and crew. Now everyone in Hollywood wants to show how sucessful their shows are by the gifts they give to the staff.

Oprah Winphrey is known for giving large monetary gifts to staffers, sometime 3 or 4 weeks of salary. This should be no big deal to people in business who are used to getting bonuses and some infact rely on it.

But it is common in the entertainment field to give a crappy medium black t-shirt and teel the staff they should be happy that the show is a hit and everyone has a job.

We don't know if the story of the Mini Cooper is true, but we do know that the guy spreading that rummor wants it to be one day.

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