Friday, March 19, 2010

The one black guy per movie rule stays

Hot Tub Time Machine will follow the "Black guy in a movie" rule. In the movie a group of four guys, they have one black friend. Even though there's only one black guy, they have to make sure they are not a threat to the white man's masculinity  - like crazy hair or Martin Lawrence or gay. In this case he's overweight.

These movies make the Black guy a non-sexual threat by making him henpecked, gay or just f'ed up. This way the white star can get the girl. Meanwhile white actors are played up to wacky and fun and get the girl. Like Chevy Chase and Bill Murray in the early 80's. Like John Cusack in the 80's and the 90's and in this movie here. 

Then if they are straight, they are henpecked and have an overbearing wife they are afraid of. Check. We have that too.   

Yes, there are exceptions. there always are. And I know you are searching your mind for them. But there aren't really as many as you think. This spring when the new fall season is announced, look to see how many black people are in each show and if they follow the black guy on a TV show rule. The rule seems to be for network TV, that every show can have no more than one black male and one black female. The woman is usually the best friend of the main character and doesn't get t do more than give out advice to the main character.  

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