Friday, March 05, 2010

CBS Finds a TV Friendly Title to "Shit My Dad Says."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS may have found a new name for their sitcom based on the popular Twitter feed, "Shit my Dad Says." (Yes, it's a show based on a Twitter feed. stop writing that book or screenplay and promptly hang yourself. I'll wait.)

The show now stars William Shatner as the shit talking dad. The new title, "Shat My Dad Says."

Which is great, now I can finish my headline in the future and take a day off this fall. "The First Cancelation of the season, 'Shat My Dad Says.'"


Bob P said...

Where the fuck are the "Ref" overnights?! You're falling asleep at the wheel, Yenta!

Spiegelman said...

from marc berman: The aforementioned Thursday 10 p.m. time period debut of NBC's The Marriage Ref (5.8/ 9) was a notable improvement over recent occupant The Jay Leno Show and virtually equal to ER on the year-ago evening (5.9/ 9 on March 5, 2009).