Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Leno Wins, but in an uncool demo

Last night's return of Jay Leno gave the Tonight show a needed boost of almost three full ratings points from when Conan hosted the show a couple a months ago and besting Letterman's competition on CBS.

"But they weren't cool points," stated Stan Worth researcher with the Gold, Worth and Much. "More people watched, which meant the commercials got more eyeballs and Jamie Foxx's movie have more potential ticket buyers...but those people are nerds. They live in the Midwest, eat at chain restaurants and think that Carlos Mencia is Mexican. Sure Tide sold more detergent on Leno, but to uncool flyover state folks."

"They got less people into Olive Garden when Conan hosted," Stan continued, "But those who did were cool and went ironically. That's the audience you'd want."

Poor NBC, will they ever learn?

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