Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Marriage Ref: Best Prank Show Ever

Not Since Ali G put on a yellow sweat suit has a show lampooned celebrities so well. Jerry Seinfeld came up with a show that has celebrities right where you want them. He invited famous people with even famous-er bad unions to talk about marriage. Normally you can't get Madonna to talk about her doomed partnership. But call her an expert and she'll fly in her fake accent first class.

The producers are very smart. The first week they put Kelly Rippa on the panel to throw off Alec Baldwin.  "See," Alec's person could tell him, "Kelly has a good marriage. No one is going to find it strange that you're talking about happy marriages after going through a 7 year divorce.

The show has a wrap up done by Marv Albert. "You know the guy who got caught cheating on his second wife? The guy who...never mind," stated an insider, "You get the idea. He has no idea the producers were putting him on to shine a light on his affairs."

Hopefully they can trick John Edwards on the show before the first season is over.

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