Monday, September 29, 2003

The rumor is that the sitcom "LUIS " is doing so bad that FOX has cancelled both that show and the never aired Cheech Marin sitcom, "The Ortegas."

First of all, Luis is Puerto Rican and his ex-wife is Dominican. The Ortegas are Mexican. Totally different things. You don't believe me? Just ask a Dominican if they are Mexican or vise versa. You will get a forty-minute tirade about how they are not and the many differences.

FOX's logic once again is horrible. Since "Coupling" was a bomb, should NBC cancel "Friends?"

Besides the glaring fact that they are different nationalities, the fact is people don't want to watch an over written standard sitcom with shrieking characters, shrieking at each other.

The funny part is, what sitcom beat "Luis?" The George Lopez Show! Yeah! So what can we decipher from last weeks win? There is a difference between Puerto Rican and Mexicans: people want to watch Mexicans.

Have you ever seen George Lopez's act? All he ever talks about is he's Mexican. I get it. I'm done.

I have a solution for the Ortegas-gets-canned-because-different-Latino-sitcom-bomded problem. Just call the show, "The O'Tegas."