Wednesday, October 01, 2003

My brother Mike has a talent for liking really bad movies. When I saw the box for "50/50" for $2.95 at the video store, I knew this would make a great gift. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!

Here's his review of the 80's classic.

"It's a good dish washing movie."

It's nothing you haven't see dubbed on Italian TV. It
is a Chuck Norris flick with Peter Weller as Chuck
Norris and Robert Hayes as Chuck Norris' beard. Takes
place in China, last scene is in Rome.

Charles Martin Smith costars and directs Fifty/Fifty.
You might recongize him from the cover of the American
Graffitti soundtrack; he played the baby faced guy
(don't remember if he was in the sequel but he was
also in Gary Busey's band in the Buddy Holly Story).
Another film he directed? How about "Boris and
Natasha," starring Dave Thomas and Sally Kellerman? It
was a live action take of Moose and Squirel's nemesis
from 1988 and is a bottom row staple of any video

Best line from 50/50? "Snakes! I hate snakes!"