Sunday, October 05, 2003

The Travel Channel has a new travel themed dating show. Why does the Travel Channel need a dating show? Why not show...Travel?

They said that once we had digital cable, the new channels will become more niche to people's interest. The Golf Channel, The Western Film Channel, and the People Named George Houtman Channel are all example of channels for a certain interest.

So why a dating show on network dedicated to travel? Why not just turn on the Dating Channel?

It seems that every channel need to have their own show from a popular genre.

It just seems that no matter what the concept of the channel is, they need to have shows with a certain format.

Here are the shows:

The semi celebrity reality show. (SSRS) Thanks to the success of the Osbornes every channel seems to follow someone who fits their genre and covers their wacky life.

Game Show Network - They follow the life of game show host Chuck Woolery. What the? Who cares about a rich middle age white man on his second marriage.

ESPN - Bill Walden's life is documented. Wow, we get to watch him make a Coke can into a bong.

E! - Anna Nichole Smith. What's a drugged up widow to do? This show is just mean.

MTV - The Osbornes, The Newly Weds, Brandy's pregnancy.

ABC Family - The girl who played Sabrina the Teenage Witch had a reality series about her wedding. Then she dropped off the face of the earth.

ABC - Had a show about Rosanne Barr making a cancelled show, then ABC canned that show. Get it? They should've aired one more episode to show everyone getting canned. But no.

Comedy Central - "I'm with Busey" a forced show about force people acting forced to act like they are forced.

The who-wants -to be -a -star show. (WWTBASS) Modeled after American Idol and Survivor, shows give people a chance to show their talent.

ESPN - Who wants to be a sports host?

Animal Planet - "King of the Jungle." People go in the jungle to prove they could host an animal program. Why not just addition them on air and fire them when you get tired of them, like they do on the View.

Vh-1 combined both SSRS and WWTBASS with their Ted Nugent's look-at-my-crazy-world-and-compete-for-a-new-car. People are competing and talking to a camera and Ted's running around. Does anyone know why?

The appointment Television show that'll get people to watch at 11:00 (ATSTGPTWA11). Since Leaving the "Daily Show," Liz Winstead made a good living making copycats that fit the station's identification.

The make over room show (MORS)
It started with Trading Spaces. Now everyone needs a home inprovement, ambush show. Even TLC the people who started it all with Trading Spaces, has spun it off 8,00 times.

Vh-1 Thought out of the box with a show that featured Rock stars redoing a fan's room.

USA just aired one to terrible ratings.

The Health DIscovery Channel has a show where people redo other people's baby room. What this has to do with health, I don't know.

Court TV - The ill fated "Snap Judgement." Wacky daily round up of crazy court cases.

FX - back when it was a network for men and not a low rent HBO, they had a show with 4 guys that sat around being guys. If show really reflected being a guy, I would've cut my dick off out of boredom.

Vh-1 - Late world with Zack. Funny take off on talk shows, that was canned faster than you can say "Orlando Jones sh-sh-show."

Do you think people say, "What's our American Idol? What's our Daily Show?" Why not put on things that reflect your channel's identity and leave the copying to Showtime and FX?

Are there other Examples that I missed?

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