Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The Whoring of America

USA Today reported last week that Hillary Duff is coming out with a new album where she's gonna dress all sluty and call it "Metamorphosis."

Hillary Duff is famous for playing the popular, independent, strong minded Lizzie McGuire in the hit Disney Channel show. After her obligatory spin off movie did better than expected, the mouse and mousy blonde couldn't come up with an agreement for a new contract.

Hilary's camp wanted more, more, more. Disney being Disney felt that it did not have to give that much. In fairness to the mouse, they might've been asking for more than was realistic or just not profitable.

Now what? The parents, the managers, the publicists rack their brains for the next step with the teenage star. The have a prom queen, but no prom.

So, putting out another album is a great idea. She's out there, establishing herself, keeping her name alive.

But why in heaven's name do they feel that they have to whore her up? Why should a pre-teen role model dress down now that she's a teen? Not that I think she should be in a turtle neck and turban, but why slutty?

I understand that sex sells. But Hillary already sells. She's a name brand.

"Metamorphosis" is supposed to refleck the fact that she's a girl becoming a women. It's more like a Lizzie to a Britney.

I feel the title refers to the fact that now Hillary is just another pop culture, cookie cutter, pr/money machine that you can't kill off, like a cockroach.

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