Monday, September 22, 2003

No Emmy on The Wire

Why did HBO's great show not win am Emmy for Best drama Series last night on the awards show? Because it wasn't nominated!

But why wasn't it given a nomination? Well here's how the nominations work...
First everyone in the academy vote on everything that was submitted. The ones with the most votes go on to the finals. Then tapes of two episodes of each of the five nominations are sent to the blue ribbon panel that make the final vote.

Before the first round can happen, networks send out DVD's and VHS tapes of the shows they want people to vote for. So if you never saw an episode of the overrated "West 'I'd like to thank Tommy Shalomi for writing with brilliant words' Wing," you now have a fancy intro that you can watch at you leisure and then try to sell the DVD to used record store when you are done.

But with The Wire you need to see the entire first season to make a judgment call on the show. You need to see how all the episodes and characters relate to the stories outcome. Just click here to see how many people exist in this world. that's more than the lead, the lead's too hot for him wife, and the wacky neighbor that most TV shows have.

You really have to see the season to understand why the show is so good. One Episode of the show is just confusing.

Maybe after the season is released on DVD, people will get it and give the third season a chance.

Anything so that West Wing doesn't win again.