Sunday, September 28, 2003

Joe Rogan was on Howard Stern They brought in a woman who was coming on the show next, who happened to have a "secret" about Joe.

It turns out that they had a one-night stand when she was only 19 and he got her pregnant. He had no idea until she sprung it on him casually on the show.

When she told Rogaine that she got an abortion, he was so happy and streaming for joy. He had no remorse for getting a young girl pregnant and doing nothing about it. She was a little insane herself, but she was the one who had to go through with the abortion, not him.

It’s strange that event the Stern Show would be ok with bringing the news up to him live on the air. When Gary said this woman had a secret, millions of things must have gone through Rogaine’s mind. “What’s the worse she could say?” He got his answer.

Rogaine’s ( response came off so smug and uncaring that it just feeds into persona of woman hating hunk. Fuck him. Too late.


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