Monday, September 15, 2003

The best Channel ever

Ok, I've gone on and on about how channels that say that they are "For Men" or "Pop Culture" have no idea that they are doing and have definitely given up. I'd go on to say those channels have no idea what their programming is, so they gave them a general title. I think I said "TV that's about Pop Culture? Of course it is, it's TV."

But I have found the exception.

TRIO! Once a channel with no focus or slogan, this new power house has both!

Ok, I know I just said that pop culture TV was just an excuse...But right now I'm watching the PJ's!

One of the shows that caught my attention is "Brilliant But Cancelled." How did they knowthat I dreamed of this series? This is great! Why not? Shows that were great but only lasted a little bit, put them together into a series! This is a dream come true! Right down to the title.

Episodes of Action, The PJ's, Bakersfield, PA, and other shows I can't remember. They did a special show about TV pilots. It was well made. It tried to say that the networks were dummies and that the whole pilot thing was a waste of money. If the networks just let the creative people be creative we wouldn't have any problems int he world. Although I disgree with that, I learned a lot from the show.

All week they showed pilots that didn't make it and a documentary about the process. After watching a pilot starring George Clooney and Pam Dauber, and one based on the movie Fargo, you know why they didn't make it. They just sucked. I don't care that 4 years later Clooney got on ER and became a star. He would never have been a star on the other show.

This channel is like a it was run by a librarian of pop culture. It's no Bravo, that's goodness. Bravo, that sell out channel, had a documentary about how bad reality shows are followed by reruns of the crap "Restaurant" and the yet another showing of the best new reality show, "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy." How can you promote a show that you are shitting on during a show that you are shitting on? (That made less sense that I had hoped.)

While we're at it, they have an interview show. It's one host, one guest no audience. But it's more Later with Bob Costas and less Inside the Actors Studio. Unlike the Bravo show, the host listens to the answers (for the most part) and gets something from the guest. The guest is like a big studio head or excec, very cool. One night they had Jon Peters, then after the show, they showed Batman. That made perfect sense. Shoe his biggest film after talking to him.

Shows like Sessions at 54 and Egg are tons of fun.
Anyhow, nightly documentaries about mullets and handguns, old reruns of Letterman from his glory days on late night NBC!

Trio --- The best channel on TV! Now I never have to read.


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