Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Station changes it's name to it's name


The Sci FI Channel is getting a new name. On July 7th, both the on-air and online will have the new name Syfy (pronounced sci-fi). The network hopes that by changing the name, it broadens the brand beyond traditional science fiction and into an area more diverse in imagination-based entertainment, including fantasy, mystery, action and adventure, while not ignoring the science fiction element. The tagline will be "Imagine Greater." On July 7th when the new name becomes official, the network will debut its newest scripted drama Warehouse 13, and celebrate the return of its summer series Eureka.

It doesn't make sense until you look at the word "mystery." This is all a way to put on cheap reality crime shows like "Forensic Files" or "The First 48."

The network was doing fine. Why screw it up with f'ed up spelling? Change the name and the tag line - you can shove old Dateline ep's on and no one can complain. "It's part of the new direction. What is that? We have no idea. But have you seen the ratings on trutv?"

I hate Change. Plus now I have cross "Sci-fi" off my Trapper Keeper. It's going to show.

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