Thursday, March 26, 2009

good bad movie night: Troll 2

There's a documentary about this film called "Best Worst Movie." I would have to say they are on to something there. First off - it's a movie called Troll 2 and there are no trolls. At all.

My only reservation about slamming this popular cult film is that it feels so amateurish that it feels unfair to slam it. The acting, costumes and special effect make it look like a community theater production.

But they did get the "Troll" name and the director went on to make other films (in his home country of Italy.)

Yes, another vanity project from a foreigner who wants to make a typical American movie. This time a horror film. In Tommy Wiseau's case a love triangle/drama (the Room!)

What both films have in common is that on many occasions it looks like the director said, "No one will notice." Like when a fly landed on victim's forehead moments before turning into a plant.

Yes, a plant. Apparently a nice all American family took a vacation in a house in a town in the middle of nowhere. Also a bunch of teenaged boys got an RV and decided to park it in the same woodsy small town.

The towns people are apparently (spoilers) goblins who feed the unsuspecting victims this brightly colored goo that turns them into a vegan paste. Then the towns people turn into Goblins and feast on the goo.
The goblin costume look like well, goblin costumes. I thought for a second that it was a plot point. But it was not. Like a lot of the scary things in the movie, it looks like they bought on November 1 at a Halloween store.

This movie is bad in so many ways. Bad enough that it's good. If you enjoy terrible films, you will enjoy this one.
How's that for a pull quote?
3 3/4 cans. Rent it here...

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