Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quick Podcast Review

If you are looking for an 80's music podcast - "Monday Night 80's" is the best. There are others, but instead of telling you why I don't like them - here's why I likes MN80's.
Low DJ chatter - The host comes on at the beginning, apologizes for not doing a podcast in a while, then maybe he'll come on once before saying good bye
Music variety - Although it's mostly new wave, there's pop and some songs you might not remember. Lots of good stuff. Not just 8675309 over and over again.
great sound quality - other podcasts sound like you are listening on an old boom box. Maybe that's the point...but MN80's sounds great.

The bad part is that new eps are hard to come by. He stops for a long time and then comes back. Luckily there's a ton of recorded episodes available. It's not like there are new songs coming out.

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