Monday, March 09, 2009

Huckabee, isn't that Biden's gig?

Former Presidential hopeful, Gov. Mike Huckabee too his act to the people and preaches to the choir every weekend on FOX News. He has guests and talks politics with like minded folks.

Like most talk shows, he starts off standing in front of the audience. After billboarding the show for 10 minutes he starts in on his right slanted jokes. I don't remember them (I'm a 3rd rate reporter - this is what you will get when you lose newspapers and have to get your news from bloggers). But they were funny. Funny enough. Not bad at all. I laughed - then looked around to see if was watching me.

Then Mike pulls out the big guns. He says his jokes were lame, but one guy did it better...He then cuts to clips of Jay Leno making fun of the economy. "The Economy is so bad...(put Monica Lewinski joke here)..."

While looking at his site, this unfortunate random ad popped up under this poor woman. Hasn't she gone through enough?

Now, news shows can show clips of talks shows and such as "fair use" and promotion. George Stepsonopulous on ABC shows a round up of talk show jokes at the end of his news program.

Mike - did his clip during his monologue. Basically he took Leno's professional monologue and place it where his should have been.

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