Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Products for Kids

Whose idea was it to give an 8-year-old boy a large buck knife?

I found these treasures when shopping for toys for my friend's kids. They used to live out of town so I would bring them toys whenever I visited. Now the gift giving is the norm and they live 5 miles from me. I don't even get a hello or eye contact - just "What did we get?"

Giving a hyper kid something he can stab people with seems like a bad idea. I gave him a plunger that shoots up a ball that you hit with the bat that came with it. First he was letting the plunger shoot his face then I found him in the kitchen shooting apples into space and laughing like a cartoon villain. The kid can make anything into a weapon why take that creativity away from him?
As the kids get older, the gifts get better. I have to step up my game. Pretty soon, this will look like a good gift.

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