Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to get free drinks in NYC!

Go up to a bartender and hand him/her this from cynopsis,com:

Casting Call: Calling all NYC bartenders! This casting call is for you! Fine Living Network (FLN) is looking for NYC/Tri-State Area bartenders - men and women - who are sexy, confident, have a great personality and are up for a challenge to do battle with other bartenders, whether it's competing for tips, flirting for phone numbers or playing customer matchmaker, on a new series called Bartender Wars If you're interested or know someone who should be on this show, send a detailed description of and why you (or your friend) should be on television. Send a picture, where they bartend and any contact information to: . FLN describes this show as "Candid Camera" at your favorite watering hole with a lot of liquid courage thrown in.

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