Thursday, December 04, 2008

Recycle everything?

A new podcast obsession of mine it the "The Moth" podcast. The Moth is like the "The Sit and Spin" or any other essay show. Well established people tell stories to a very accepting audience. An audience who is syked to be there and ready to laugh and have a good time.

In LA, a lot of the time the stories are about some show biz misadventure. The rules of the Moth is a person tells a story without notes.

The first week I listened to the "The Moth" podcast, it was a well known snarky writer talking about his misadventures as a writer for "Facts of Life." In fact he sounds like he was a really bad one. IT turns out all his snottiness hurt his bottom line there. Good. Fuck him. You can't walk into job and say, "This show is below me, I'm going to be half ass." That's like when a comedian threatens the audience, "Do I have to go to my A material??!?" Yes, dick. You should've started with it.

THis week a writer tells a very funny and compelling story about dating a fireman and then wondering if he survived 9/11.
While looking up Katherine Russell Rich (mainly to see what see looks like), I discovered an article she wrote for the New York Times. It was a story about her dating a fireman and then wondering if he survived 9/11. If you want to know you'll have to read it.

You can't just say, "Hey let me tell all you new friends a story off the top of my head" and then retell something any fan would have read in a small local paper like the New York Times! How dare you!

Ok, I'm not that mad.


The Country Mouse said...

So, at the end of the story, she said she wouldn't have believed she did it herself, but she had proof. I'm sure she held something up, but do you know what the proof was? (I loved this story, btw, and The Moth is, I fear, going to be a new obsession for me as well.)

Karyn said...

The is driving me mad. Love The Moth.

zanderman said...

The proof was the T-Shirt he gave her.