Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lies we tell each other to survive in LA

People who don't live in LA love to complain about it. The pizza stinks, the traffic sucks and everyone is phony. "I don't know if I could take all the phoniness. At least in New York, if you don't like someone you tell them to 'fuck off.'" That sounds lovely. People slinging f bombs at you all day - only because they mean it.

IN LA we are super nice to each other. Some would even say we lie. But after 9 years (yikes), I've become used to it and actually enjoy the LA way of acting.
LA can be a tough town. Lots of rejection and holding onto hope.

Here are some of the lies we tell each other to survive LA.
(More to follow, as I think of them.)

"We will think about it and get back to you." - They will not and won't. If the person wanted to say yes, they would. This way they can avoid your calls of reject you over the phone and not have to deal with your pleading face to face.
"I'm not suggesting this, I'm just letting you know its an option." Too late, you already suggested it.
"Yes." - No or at best maybe.
"The audience seemed to love it" Means "I hated it, but I guess there's hope?" Why not say something nice. No one wants to know they suck.


Anonymous said...

Why in LA, people come up with so many "lies" to smooth the talk with suckers? Is it because that there are more losers in LA then in other cities?

Anonymous said...

Th fact that we have more losers in LA than any other city has nothing to do with...wait a second! We ain't losers.
People don't lie to get your money. Everyone is trying to get ahead.
No one wants to hurt anyone's feelings just incase they may need them.